Whether you own a private lawn or manage the premises of a sports stadium, lawnmowers are your go-to choice when it comes to landscaping and maintenance of green spaces. At Al Wajba, you will find some of the most reliable, affordable, and low-maintenance mowers in Qatar. We supply movers in Qatar & are committed to providing you not just with the best possible products but also exceptional after-sales service.

At allett, we take great pride in our heritage. we are a wholly british-owned company, which, for over fifty years, has specialised in the design and  manufacture of precision, single-cylinder, walk-behind lawn mowers.

Types of Lawnmowers in Qatar

Depending on your usage, there are many types of lawnmowers in Qatar that may suit your requirement. With decades of experience in lawn maintenance and landscaping in Qatar, we understand that your requirement may be based on either private/residential or commercial usage. 

With our robust lineup of Allett lawnmowers in Qatar, you can choose from machines meant for private or commercial use.

Homeowner Range

If you have an unruly lawn and wish to tame those unwanted weeds, then Al Wajba has just the right selection of lawnmowers for you. Our homeowner range of Allett lawnmowers in Qatar is sure to meet your every requirement. 

  • Allett Buckingham 20, 24, and 30H

For a lawn that is up to 450 square metres, this lawnmower is the optimum choice. To ensure those subtle finishing touches, our lawnmowers have an attached zinc-plated steel roller.

  • Allett Kensington 14 and 17B

If your personal lawn is much smaller, say 280 square metres, then the less powerful 17B may suit your purposes. This lawnmower is specially equipped with an auxiliary wheel that can swiftly chop down taller grass as well.

  • Allett Classic Petrol 14L

We also have specially designed petrol-operated lawnmowers in Qatar that can work on much smaller private lawns. If your lawn is within 150 square metres, then the recoil start engine of this lawnmower may be more appealing to you.

  • Allett Liberty 30, 35, and 43

The Allett Liberty services land mowers in Qatar have 3 variants. At Al Wajba, you will find all 3 variants and this gives you a wider choice. While the Liberty 30 is meant for tiny lawns of 30 square metres, the Liberty 35 and 43 are meant for 150 and 280 square metres respectively. 

  • Allett Westminster 20H

With a powerful 196cc Honda GX200 engine, this product offered by us can check several boxes on your checklist. It has a 12-blade cutting cylinder and can handle up to 400 square metres of grass. Moreover, it has an additional 84 litres grass box as well.

  • Allett Sandringham Electric Lawnmower

If you wish to go green and save our renewable natural resources like oil, you can opt for the Allett Sandringham electric lawnmower. 


Professional Range

On the other hand, if you wish to maintain a professional quality playing field, then our professional range of lawnmowers in Qatar is an excellent value-for-money choice. 

  • Allett Shaver 20, 24 Cylinder Mower

This commercial lawnmower in Qatar has a 10-blade cylinder equipped with anti-vibration mountings. This is one of the best products if you plan to mow your football fields in Qatar seamlessly.

  • Allett Buffalo 20, 24, 27, 34 Cylinder Mower

This lawnmower is considered an all-rounder product. It has blades that move at almost 3,000 rotations per minute (RPM). It also has adjustable handlebars among countless other features, making it most suitable for commercial usage.


Choose Al Wajba for Mowers in Qatar

Regardless of what your requirement is, you can write to us with your queries. If you want an official quotation, then we are just a click away. 

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