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Air Compressors have a wide range of use cases in different industrial applications. In Qatar, Air Compressors of medium to large are often used for pressure washing Qatar, inflating, spray painting, cooling and compressors can be used for agricultural, construction and manufacturing purposes. We are one of the best suppliers in Qatar for high-quality advanced air compressors that also provide value for money. 

Elgi Equipments Limited is one of the global leaders in the compressed air space with an extensive range of innovative and technologically advanced compressed air solutions. ELGi has earned worldwide accolades for designing customer-centric, compressed air solutions that are sustainable, and help companies achieve their productivity goals while ensuring a lower total cost of ownership.. Elgi’s portofolio of 400+ products range from oil lubricated and oil free rotary screw compressors, oil lubricated and oil free reciprocating compressors and centrifugal compressors, to dryers, filters and downstream accessories. Every ELGi product bears testament to its hallmarks of reliability and performance while meeting or exceeding industry specific demands such as energy efficiency, cost-efficiency, ruggedness, zero oil tolerance, or air delivery precision.

Types of Air Compressors We Offer

At Al Wajba we can provide your company with a selection of different air compressors in Qatar. 

Screw Compressor

These air compressors are one of the most reliable because they run on the conventional mechanism of oil lubrication. Moreover, with these compressors, you can eliminate the load-unload cycle. This means operating it will consume less energy, making it more environmentally friendly. Some of the best screw air compressors we have on offer include – 

  • ELGi EN Series Screw Compressor 2.2 – 45 kW
  • ELGi EG Series Screw Compressor 11 – 75 kW
  • ELGi EG Series Screw Compressor 90 – 160 kW
  • ELGi EG Series Screw Compressor 200 – 250 kW

Aluminium Coaxial Piston Compressor

One of the benefits of this type of air compressor is that it provides highly reliable as well as high-fluctuated operation. This machinery is capable of taking load peaks and is specially designed for light-duty applications. If you are looking for a portable air compressor that provides both quality and ease of maintenance, then the aluminium coaxial piston compressor is for you. One of the best products we have in this category is – 

  • ELGi 1-2 HP Single-Stage Direct Drive Piston Compressor

Reciprocating Air Compressor

Another type of air compressor we offer is the reciprocating air compressor. These come in variants of cast iron as well. Our cast iron piston air compressor in Qatar is considered one of the most preferred air compressors for heavy industrial applications. These air compressors have a reciprocating feature that enables them to operate with the best possible energy efficiency. If you wish to optimise your industrial operations, then here are our best products – 

  • ELGi 3-20 HP High-Pressure Reciprocating Compressor
  • ELGi 3-40 HP Single & Two-Stage Industrial Reciprocating Compressor
  • ELGi 3-10 HP Two-Stage Direct Drive Reciprocating Compressor
  • ELGi 1-3 HP Single-Stage Belt-Driven Reciprocating Compressor

Oil-free Screw Compressor

If you plan to further reduce your company’s carbon footprint, then going oil-free can be a great option. At Al Wajba, we have some of the best oil-free screw air compressors in Qatar. The oil-free air compressors we provide are leaders in this field when it comes to energy efficiency. Moreover, it can drive down your operating costs as well as the cost of ownership. We also provide a warranty on all of our oil-free air compressors since Al Wajba is one of the most reliable suppliers in Qatar. Two of our best product lines in this category include – 

  • ELGi Oil-free 45 – 450 kW Screw Air Compressor
  • ELGi AB Series Oil-free Screw Air Compressor (electric)

Custom Built Compressor

Apart from the ready-made air compressors manufactured by ELGi, you can also build your own air compressor to your specific requirements. At Al Wajba we offer this facility to companies that have unique needs. If you need an air compressor for unconventional operations like hydroelectricity generation, diesel engine starting, concrete pumps, or even certain specific mining operations, then we have you covered.

Why Choose Al Wajba Air Compressors

When choosing air compressors in Qatar, reliability and affordability play a key role. With Al Wajba as your supplier, you will be able to keep operational costs low. So, join us and avail the benefits of seamless servicing and maintenance through our expert networks.

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