With the increasing trends in gardening and landscaping in Qatar, the use of verti cutters has grown significantly. If your company provides gardening and landscaping services, you will find some of the most reliable verticutters in Qatar here at Al Wajba. All our verti cutters are factory-tested and approved by industrial standards. We offer several types of Verti cutters so that you can provide better service to your valuable customers.

Verticutting in Qatar – Football Fields

At Al Wajba, our experts understand landscaping like no other. With our durable, low-maintenance, and affordable verticutters, you can effectively remove thatch from your football fields. This helps maintain a clean and even condition on the pitch. 

Types of Verti Cutters

When purchasing a verticutter in Qatar, you need to think of your reason for doing so. If you plan to landscape or mow household lawns, then you may need a contour sand injection verticutter. On the other hand, if your clients are football stadiums in Qatar, then the straight reel verticutter may be a better option for you. Here is our selection of verticutters that you can choose from.

1. Floating Head Verticutter

This type of verticutter is ideal if you plan to landscape the greens on a golf course. The Graden SW04 Floating Head verticutter of AL Wajba is designed to tackle undulating surfaces such as that found on a golf course. We offer two variants of this machine – 

  • Graden SW04 59″ (1.5 metres) model
  • Graden SW04 79″ (2 metres) model

2. Straight Reel Verticutter

Equipped with 39 razor-sharp blades, our Straight Reel verticutter is made especially for straight-cutting grass on sports fields. If you are looking for a verticutter in Qatar that is best suited for flat green areas, then this is your best option. 

  • Graden GBS 1200 model

3. Contour Sand Injection Verticutter

This type of verticutter in Qatar is one of the latest innovations in gardening and landscaping technology. At Al Wajba, our Contour Sand Injection (CSI) verticutters are designed to inject sand through a gravity feed system. This machine helps you achieve three things simultaneously. The CSI verticutters of Al Wajba can create grooves, seed them, and fill them up. So, you can have a level playing field with healthy fresh grass every time.

4. Manually Operated Verticutter

This hand-driven verticutter is one of the most reliable products we offer at Al Wajba. It is considered the original Graden verticutter. While we recommend that each type of playing field requires a specialised verticutter, for those on a budget, this is an economical choice. Using our Graden GS04 Verticutter, you can landscape and mow – 

  • Golf courses
  • Golf tees
  • Golf approaches
  • Cricket squares
  • Football fields
  • Bowling greens
  • Tennis courts
  • Private/public lawns

5. Airrow Verticutter

One of our best offerings for private lawns and smaller playing fields is the Graden Airrow verticutter in Qatar. This machine has a forward-mounted cutting reel that enables you to reach into tighter spaces. If you are looking for a hassle-free and reliable hand-held verticutter in Qatar, then this can be an excellent choice. Moreover, the Graden Airrow verticutter available at Al Wajba also has an optional debris-catching attachment.

Choose Al Wajba for Your Gardening Needs

Whether it is mowing your private lawn or landscaping a FIFA sports field, Al Wajba has all the necessary tools and equipment. We are a one-stop shop for all types of landscaping and gardening equipment. Not only do we offer an attractive range of products, but our after-sales services are also impeccable so that you can leave your clients satisfied.

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