CIRCULAR BENCH SAW – Marble and Masonry Saws


Machine to cut wood

  • Adjustable cutting blade Height
  • Motor Three-phase + Single-phase
  • Blade Speed : 2800 RPM
  • Blade Hole Diametre : 25
  • Blade Diametre : 315, 350
  • Max Cutting Height : 100, 120mm
  • Tabe Dimensions : 910 x 665mm, 1000 x 850mml
  • Extension Tabe Size : 600 x 420mm, 600 x 450mm
  • Sizes : 1510 x 660 h980, 1610 x 850 h1060
  • Weight : 74, 76, 80 kg


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TRIAX electric table saws are 100% Made in Italy!.

Produced completely in our factory (machining with CNC machines, welding, painting, assembly, etc.) and also the components of first choice we buy (electric system and electric motor) are all made in Italy from trusted suppliers with which we cooperate for many years.

Additionally, all machines are thoroughly tested before shipment, and this gives us the certainty that we have very high and constant quality standards over time.

This jobsite table saw is designed for cutting wood, wooden materials and mainly wooden boards, site panels, wood shuttering planks, wooden or laminar structural works and formwork panels in the building sector.

The main features of these construction site carpenter electric saws are to be very quick to set up, easy to maintain and above all safe to use.



The circular bench saws for wood are built on a very robust frame composed by a bent sheet metal plane welded to four legs.

The transmission of the motion from the electric motor to the Widia blade is obtained with a reliable system of pulleys and V-belts that has the following advantages:

conferring upon a great cutting power to the machine.

makes it safer because the trapezoidal belts can slip in case of problems arising from the incorrect use.

avoid the transfer of the motor vibrations to the disc also when working at maximum cutting height.

The use involves the dexterity of the operator which, after the machine has been fitted (while it is turned off), places on the work surface the wood panels to be cut, starts the electric motor and performs the cut by pushing the wood piece with the appropriate security pusher supplied with the machine.

The circular table saw is provided with an IP65 electrical panel where are located the power outlet and the machine controls (start button and emergency button).



All TRIAX electric bench saws are designed and built according to the criteria necessary to meet safety requirements established by current norm EN1870-19(2014).




The TRIAX machines are present in building and construction sites for over 20 years and have always been well known to be heavy duty and reliable. The site table saw is also characterized by the ease of maintenance reduced to a minimum thanks to the design of the machine and the use of high quality electric motors produced in Italy.



We produce the electric table saw in single and three phase versions with features studied through years of experience in construction sites around the world. Our technical staff is at the customer’s disposal to study possible modifications to standard models to meet any building site needs that may arise.



The jobsite table saw is equipped as follows:

Work-bench sizes of 910x665mm.

Steel Widia blade Ø315mm with 48 teeth, the cutting height is adjustable by means of a lever which can be lock in the desired position with a knob.

Single-phase or three-phase electric motor.

Control panel IP65, positioned in accordance with existing norms provided with start-up and emergency stop button.

Extension table sizes 600x420mm easily foldable, useful for cutting long pieces.

Guide parallel to the cutting disc to adjust the cutting size.

Protractor to make angle cuts.

Security pusher needed to push the wood piece to cut in safety avoiding the hands to get too close to the Widia disc.

Four hooking points for machine lifting.

Set of wrenches.


The security guards present on the circular table saws are:

Blade guard, self-adjusting and self-closing prevents accidental contact with the cutting disc and adapts to the shape of the piece to be cut. It’s made of transparent polycarbonate which allows the operator maximum visibility.

Divisor knife, attached to the main frame maintains separate the wood pieces during the cutting operation.

Lateral closing panels, they protect the internal area where there are electric motor, transmission components and the cutting blade.

Electrical system provided with thermal and amperometric protection which stops the machine in the case of overcurrent and prevents uncontrolled restarts.

Slotted insert made of soft material that prevents the disc rupture in case of accidental contact.

Protection net on the lower side of the machine that prevents contact with the internal moving parts.

Legs holes for fixing to the floor and avoiding the overturning of the machine.