This machine has been successfully installed and working more than 61 customer places including OEM workshops like TATA, Eicher, Bharat Benz and OEM tyreshops like Micheline, CEAT and Multibrands.

  • Simultaneous measurement of 4 Axles.
  • No Electronics on wheels
  • Capable of measuring Cars, Buses, Trucks & trailers with wheelbase from 2 meters and up to 16 meters.
  • Machine vision system automatically recognizes the targets that are installed on the wheels. No need of levelling the targets
  • High resolution Wide scope cameras.
  • Auxiliary target display for target setting (only for 4i)
  • 4 Compensation modes available. Forward rolling compensation – First in class in this segment.
  • Compact and easy targets, no need to calibrate it & easy to handle.
  • Wheel adapters are self-centring with the mobile central part fit 12″-24″.
  • Frame reference, baseline reference and Axle reference are available (as an optional)
  • Bluetooth remote control ensures easy operation
  • 7 modes of Graphical User Interface
  • Powered by DELL system with 22 inch LED monitor.


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ParameterMeasurement RangeMaximum error in measurementAverage error in measurement
Front Wheel Alignment
Front Total Toe+/-5º+/-3′+/-2′
Lock Angle+/-45º+/-10′+/-5′
Rear Wheel Alignment
Rear Total Toe+/-5º+/-3′+/-2′
Symmetry Angles
Front Set Back+/-2,5º+/-3′+/-2′
Rear Set Back+/-2,5º+/-3′+/-2′
Thrust Angle+/-2,5º+/-3′+/-2′
Geometrica l Driving Axis+/-2,5º+/-3′+/-2′