Fortador PRO MAX

A real “WORKHORSE” that will make your work a lot easier!

Fortador Pro MAX is a machine that allows three operators to work at the same time. It can steam clean two cars at the same time, and it steam washes upholstery with the third hose with detergent. It has a built-in professional dry-wet extractor made by the renowned manufacturer Ghibli & Wirbel. It is the only model on the market that can feed two different detergents at the same time along with steam. It does not generate sewage or chemical wastewater. To use it, you do not need to get additional administrative permits or make special notifications. Its excellent parameters are enclosed in a modern housing, made of ecological and corrosion-resistant aluminium.



  • Fuel heating system
  • STOP emergency button
  • Chemical-free descaling system
  • Boiler made of boiler steel
  • 2 boilers
  • Aluminium housing
  • Anti-shock protection
  • Possibility of direct connection from the garden hose
  • Heating time: only 2-7 min
  • Steam pressure: max 16 Bar
  • Steam operating temperature: 120-140ºC