• Motor Three-phase and Single-phase motor
  • Electropump : 50W
  • Blade Speed: From 2800 to 1600 RPM
  • Blade Hole Diametre : 25,4
  • Blade Diametre : From 350 / 400 to 650
  • Max Cutting Height : From 115 /140 to 265 mm
  • Max Cutting Length : From 500 to 710
  • Conveyor Cart Dimensions : From 565 x 430 to 565 x 700
  • Sizes : From 1330 x 600 h1370 to 1430 x 670 h1520
  • Weight : From 128kg to 158kg


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Our machines are present on building sites for over 20 years and have always been considered to be very robust and reliable.

The TRIAX block saw is also distinguished by the simple and reduced maintenance thanks to the design of the machine and the use of electric motors and electrical system strictly Made in Italy.



We produce both single-phase and three-phase versions with features that are the result of many years of experience on construction sites around the world.

TRIAX technical staff is always available for the customers to study possible changes to the standard electric masonry table saw to meet any market need.



The masonry saw is equipped as follows:

Sliding working table that runs on four 2RS sealed ball bearings.

Tilting cutting head that allows the operator to adjust the cutting thickness to the desired value by tightening the specific locking lever.

Universal wet cutting diamond blade, connected to the electric motor through trapezoidal belts and pulleys.

Single-phase or three-phase electric motor.

Control panel IP65 on which are located the start button and the stop/emergency button in easy operator reach.

Electric pump for recirculation of the water for cooling the diamond disk while cutting.

Water tank with about 40 liters capacity equipped with drainage cap.

Stainless steel protractor to regulate cut dimension and make angle cuts.

Support plane 45° (optional) to perform inclined cuts.

Set of wrenches.


The security guards present on the masonry block saws are:

Diamond blade guard made of strong sheet metal, prevents accidental contact with the cutting disc.

Anti-tipping brackets for the sliding working table.

Lateral guards for diamond blade, self-adjusting, to reduce the risk of contacts with the disk while working.

Frontal guard for diamond blade, adjustable in height, to reduce the water dispersion and the operational risk.

Electric panel provided with magnetotermic breaker that stops the machine and protects the motor in the case of overcurrents and release coil that prevents uncontrolled restarts.

Sliding table handles (see model) to keep the operator away from the cutting blade while working.