Medium-sized vacuum sweepers

  • Loading volume: 4 m3
  • 45 – 70 HP (33 – 51 kW)
  • Drive: PTO drive shaft
  • Working width: 1.8 to 2.4 m
  • European type approval


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TRILO sweepers have been specially developed for sweeping and collecting materials from lawns. This can be grass clippings, but also verti-cutting residues or leaves. It is important to remove these materials from your grass fields quickly before the grass suffocates and dead spots develop. With TRILO vacuum sweepers this is easily done and keeps you in control over the growth of your sod. A powerful fan provides enormous suction power and is mounted in a housing fitted with replaceable wear plates. TRILO vacuum sweepers also allow you to continue working under very wet weather conditions. The grass clippings are blown with optimal spread into the load bed, ensuring the best possible fill. The fan is driven by a PTO drive shaft attached to the tractor and requires an output of The required hp PTO can vary depending on the working conditions.45 – 70 hp (33 – 51 kW). Medium-sized vacuum sweepers are fitted with wide radial tyres with low ground pressure. The TRILO S4 now has type approval for transport on public roads for the whole of Europe.

• Sweep and collect in one pass.
• Large radial tires for low ground pressure.
• High working speed.
• Can be configured online according to your needs
• Powered by power take-off (PTO).
• Operated by one man.
• 2.15 m high tipper.
• European type approval.
• Working width: 2.1 – 2.4 m.