Nardi – NX65

Main technical features:

  • Tungsten carbide coating as standard (except for SC body)
  • Frame with variable section according to working stress points
  • Shear bolt traction (on “T“ mod.)
  • Parallelogram displacement with box beam

Standard Features:

  • Shear bolt (traction on “T“ model)
  • Hydraulic turnover
  • Side draft adjustment
  • Double extension jack to adjust the inclination of the plough from the tractor (MEMORY)
  • Hitch pin hydraulic lift
  • Control bar of hydraulic variation on the right side to avoid burden in finishing move
  • Fix headstock
  • III°-IV° Cat. linkage and quick hitch
  • Tipping valve with double effect block + relief valvee
  • X: Sequence as standard