R10 Reel mower

TRILO R10 Reel mower

  • Only needs 55 HP
  • Mowing width of 10.4 m
  • 32% lower fuel consumption
  • Fully mechanically driven


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The TRILO R10 reel mower is specially designed for maintaining wide areas of grass on turf farms. The 10 m wide TRILO R10 reel mower, delivers mowing quality with a sharp cut at a high mowing speed using low tractor power. The reel mower is very easy to fold for transportation on public roads with a width of 2.5 m. Extra wide tyres provide stability and a low ground pressure. The TRILO R10 only requires 55 HP from the PTO drive shaft to be driven. Depending on the tractor type, this can produce fuel savings of up to 32% as compared to other mowers. Compared to circular mowers with a comparable working width, this can increase to 45%.

TRILO R10 now with improved TRILO cutting reels

Not only does the simplified structure make it quicker to set the TRILO R10 to the correct cutting height, but it has also become more maintenance friendly. We have adjusted the position of the lower blade, thus creating a flatter discharge of the grass clippings. We have now placed the cutting unit bearings on the outside, thereby creating a better fit and leaving much less space for grass clippings to accumulate. Thanks to the unique TRILO feeler roller brush, the rollers are kept as free as possible of adhering grass clippings.

• Fully mechanically driven.
• Only needs 55 HP.
• Perfect cut at high speed.
• Capacity of up to 100 hectares per day.
• 32% lower fuel consumption.
• Low weight, less burden for grass.
• Low maintenance costs.
• Nice distribution of grass cuttings.