SOLAR CAMERA – Premium 330

  • Power PV (Wc) : 330 Wc inclined and adjustable
  • Battery (WH) : 2160 Wh
  • Camera : Not provided
  • Power supplied : 24 VDC (other voltages on request)
  • Weight : 300 Kg
  • Dimensions (m) : 6 m




Our autonomous masts power several tools such as cameras, we can meet your equipment. These products are perfectly suited to isolated sites. They do not require any connection to the electricity network and operate 365 days a year, without subscription or electricity bill. Thanks to their autonomy and the various wireless systems available, our range is particularly suitable for isolated areas.

We offer ready-to-use solutions for maximum simplicity.
We also offer tailor-made solutions for the most stringent specifications.

– No trench
– 100% autonomous operation
– 365 days/year 24h/24h
– Ideal for isolated sites
– No technical connection
– Possible power supply: 12V/24V/48Vdc/230Vac