The 3000 SU has the same great performance as the Super 3000 but is available as a 3 point linkage machine with a hydraulic top link.

The other main features are:

  • Mixing spout revolves through a wide arc allowing slurry to be mixed in any direction including underneath tractor – The jetting nozzle can be locked in a range of up to 26 positions
  • Depth can be controlled using the frame which adjusts using pins through a smaller range of adjustment
  • Due to our unique arrangement of splitter box at pump outlet we have no loss of performance when using top fill
  • Sizes available: 6’6” (1.98m); 7’6”(2.29m) and 8’(2.44m). Other sizes are available upon request but there is a maximum mixing depth of 8ft due to ground clearance issues
  • All pumps galvanised as standard – painted finish available upon request
  • Raising and lowering into tank is controlled hydraulically from tractor seat
  • Can be transported without removing PTO shaft


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