Solar Lighting


Qatar is gradually embracing the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nation. If your company wants to be part of this renewable energy revolution, then Al Wajba has the best products to facilitate this. We offer one of the most affordable and reliable solar lighting in Qatar. With our solar LED lighting solutions, we can help reduce your company’s carbon footprint. 

LUMI’IN designs, assembles and distributes autonomous, hybrid and interconnected solar lighting systems. A pioneering company in the solar street lighting market, LUMI’IN offers real alternatives to conventional lights by providing cleaner streetlights that are less expensive to purchase, less expensive to use and smarter.

Lumi’in France Solar LED

At Al Wajba, we can provide your company with solar lighting solutions in Qatar that are manufactured by one of the most reputed firms in the market. Lumi’in France is one of the global pioneers in solar LED lights, solar charge controllers, and other such equipment.

The Lumi’in France solar lighting solutions offered by Al Wajba can not only help you sustainably illuminate your households, but also public areas. We have specific solar lighting solutions for roads, parks, and even parking lots in Qatar.

  • Solar LED Lamps

With Lumi’in France’s Frisbi and Hexa, you will be able to light walkways and even entire recreational parks. This is a type of solar lighting in Qatar that is both sustainable and low-maintenance. When purchasing from Al Wajba, we will also guide you about all necessary installations like the solar charge controllers. You can also avail of our highly experienced technicians who will install these solar LED lights based on your express instructions.

Some of the products we offer under this category are – 

  • Lumi’in France Frisbi Hybrid
  • Lumi’in France Hexa
  • Solar LED Floodlights

If you plan to illuminate a small stretch of walkway or even an entire parking lot, you will need classic mast-style lighting poles. These poles are about 6 to 8 metres in height. The Lumi’in solar LED lighting in Qatar available at Al Wajba is the best solar light choice in such cases. These lights have bigger solar panels and stronger solar charge controllers. What’s more, we can even develop lighting architecture plans for your premises and install these solar LEDs accordingly. This will ensure every corner of your premises is adequately illuminated. 

Some of our bestseller products in this category are – 

  • Lumi’in France Parky 30
  • Lumi’in France Parky 60
  • Lumi’in France Classic 60
  • Standalone Solar LEDs

We also provide more affordable standalone solar LED lighting solutions if you do not wish to invest extensively towards your sustainable lighting infrastructure. If this is your requirement, then Lumi’in France’s standalone solar lighting in Qatar is one of the most reputed options. You can find many variants of such standalone solar LED lights at Al Wajba. 

These are two of our bestselling products in this category –

  • Lumi’in France Flex 40
  • Lumi’in France Flex 60
  • Solar-powered Cameras

At Al Wajba, we understand that most companies wish to illuminate spaces for not just better visibility but also effective surveillance. If surveillance and safety are your priorities, then we also have solar-powered CCTV camera systems. We highly recommend the Lumi’in France Solar Mast cameras as well as the premium range of solar-powered CCTV cameras. 

Some of our highly recommended products in this category include – 

  • Lumi’in Solar Masts
  • Lumi’in Solar Camera Premium 800
  • Lumi’in Solar Camera Premium 660
  • Lumi’in Solar Camera Premium 400
  • Lumi’in Solar Camera Premium 330

Al Wajba for Solar Lighting in Qatar

Depending on your solar equipment requirement, select solar LED lights as well as solar charge controllers choose from vast range at Al Wajba. With decades of experience in this industry, we are one of the most trusted and preferred partners for several firms in Qatar. Let us guide you to begin your sustainable journey towards a greener future for Qatar.

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