Natural water-based paint for lawns and hedges

  • Aesthetic: Green is the flagship of a well-kept garden

  • Economical: Ideal in case of water restrictions, long duration of action

  • Ecological: Biodegradable and compostable


Drought and water restriction result in a yellow lawn…

GREEN GRASS WATER is the solution here. One pass with GREEN GRASS WATER and the lawn stays green all summer long.

GREEN GRASS WATER is a ready-to-use water-based paint and is sprayed onto the lawn using a standard spray bottle or garden sprayer with an atomizer.

Before using GREEN GRASS WATER, the lawn should be mowed and leaves, pebbles and dry leaves removed. Please cover everything that should not be sprayed with the paint, e.g. terraces, avenues, garden paths, etc.
A 5L canister of GREEN GRASS WATER is sufficient for approx. 30 square meters. Allow the paint to dry for 3 to 4 hours and your lawn will shine bright green for up to 3 months.

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