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Automobile servicing and repair workshops deploy some of the most advanced workshop equipment in Qatar. At Al Wajba, we recognise the needs of aftermarket dealers and automobile garage owners. Being reputed garage equipment dealers in Qatar for more than 2 decades, we always strive to provide the most advanced and reliable workshop equipment. Whether you are a large chain of automobile garages or a standalone neighbourhood garage and aftermarket dealer, we have the right equipment to help your business grow.


Variety of Workshop Equipment

Having an automobile repair and servicing business in Qatar means you will have to keep several types of heavy equipment at your premises. You may find customers needing a routine under-chassis wash or even a full wheel balancing and alignment. At Al Wajba, we have an assorted arsenal of workshop equipment that can fulfil all your customers’ needs. 


Wheel Balancers, Aligners, and Pressure Washers

Out of all the essential heavy equipment, most garage equipment dealers in Qatar emphasise keeping reliable wheel balancers and aligners as well as high-quality pressure washers. We provide some of the best quality, industry-approved, and tested heavy equipment to help fulfil your needs in this regard.


Videographic Wheel Balancers

Our videographic wheel balancing equipment has LED illuminators that enable clear and safe operation. With these machines, you can even save power because they automatically switch to standby mode when not in use. Moreover, you can provide your customers with some of the most accurate wheel balancing using our videographic wheel balancers. Some of the best products we have in this category include – 


  • ATS ELGi Digital Wheel Balancer
  • ATS ELGi F7DA Wheel Balancer
  • ATS Videographic Wheel Balancer Spin
  • ATS 76 Videographic Wheel Balancer


Commercial Wheel Aligners

The range of commercial wheel aligners that we offer has proven successful in both OEM workshops as well as aftermarket garages in Qatar. Equipped with high-resolution wide-scope cameras, our wheel aligners can provide the most accurate wheel alignment for cars, buses, and even trucks. Some of our critically acclaimed wheel aligners include – 


  • ATS ELGi Commercial Vehicle Eagle 2i
  • Commercial Vehicle Eagle 4i
  • ATS ELGi Elegant Plus
  • ATS ELGi Elegant Mobi Aligner
  • ATS ELGi Elegant Two Post Lift Wheel Aligner
  • ATS ELGi Passenger Vehicle Elegant Auto Boom


Gas Pressure Washers

Hotsy is one of the best brands in the world when it comes to commercial cold water pressure washers. These pressure washers are gas operated and powered by a time-tested and reliable Honda engine. Our Hotsy gas pressure washers can operate at a pressure of 2000 to 4000 PSI. Here are some of our top sellers – 


  • Hotsy DB Series
  • Hotsy HC Series
  • Hotsy HD Series Gas Engine
  • Hotsy BX Series Gas Engine


Electric Pressure Washers

If you are looking for a greener way to run your automobile workshop in Qatar, then there is no better way than to opt for electric pressure washers instead of gas-operated ones. Hotsy offers one of the most efficient and economical electric cold water pressure washers. These machines are not only easy to maintain but also clean vehicles as good as gas-operated pressure washers. Some of our best products provide a water pressure of anywhere between 1000 to 5000 PSI, like – 


  • Hotsy Electric 1700 Series
  • Hotsy BDE Series
  • Hotsy CWC Series
  • Hotsy ET Series


Choose Al Wajba as Your Garage Equipment Dealer Qatar

Al Wajba can be your best choice if you are looking to purchase ATS ELGi or Hotsy workshop equipment. We have a special distribution license for these products in Qatar and can provide you with end-to-end services for the repair or maintenance of these machines as well.


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