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Mitsubishi Fuso is world’s leading truck bus brands has presence in Asia & Middle East.

The Mitsubishi FUSO Trucks Qatar, synonymous with durability, value for money, ease of maintenance & safety.

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Company shuttles that ferry employees to and from the once/work site…school buses that pick up and drop children home…trucks that transport everything from building materials to livestock to perishable goods…Mitsubishi Fuso vehicles are at the heart of society and business across the world.

Parts availability is a fundamental concern of truck and bus owners. Mitsubishi Fuso’s comprehensive service and parts system incorporate advanced logistics to ensure parts availability at all times.


With the growing need to transport people and goods across roads in Qatar, trucks have become one of the most reliable carriers. Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks are most popular in Qatar

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If seeking trucks in Qatar, opt for Al Wajba Est to acquire reliable FUSO trucks. We are truck dealers in Qatar, offering selection of transportation options as  distributor of Fuso Truck

Mitsubishi Fuso

Mitsubishi Fuso manufactures commercial vehicles in India and exports them around the world. With advanced technology that ensures a high degree of fuel efficiency, Mitsubishi Fuso trucks can be your go-to option. These vehicles also come in a variety of load formats, the most popular being the 8.5 tons Fuso Canter. Fuso also has an excellent product line of some of the most high-demand commercial trucks like –


Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks are built on the three pillars – Trusted Quality, Solid and Functional Design, and Economic Efficiency.


Trucks Qatar-Medium Duty FUSO , Truck range 8 to 12 Tons GVW.

Chassis lengths ranging from 6.3 m to 6.5 m.

Mitsubishi FUSO Trucks vehicles make exceptional business sense. All Mitsubishi Fuso trucks and buses are manufactured using the 11-stage Fuso Product Development system, which is based on Daimler’s stringent world-class quality control standards.

FA Rigid 4×2:     FAV1PF1L | FAV1PH1L | FAV1PK1L

FA Rigid 6×2:

FJ / FM:

Medium, Heavy Duty trucks ranging from 15 Tons to 26 Tons GVW. Chassis lengths range from 7 meters to 9.4 meters.

The Benefits:

Extensive Reliability & Durability
Low Maintenance Cost,
High Fuel Efficiency and Exceptional Loading
Capacity & Comfort

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If you wish to avail uninterrupted after-sales services and a guarantee of valuable customer relations, then we are your best choice among truck dealers in Qatar.Al Wajba also offers great after-sales service and repairs through its service center in Qatar to help keep you trucks running

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