Steel Bar Bending and Cutting Machines


Steel stirrups and rebars are used for both commercial as well as residential construction in Qatar. However, most of these steel components need to be cut or bent into shape to suit a variety of purposes. At Al Wajba Esablishment, we realise this growing need and hence, offer you several types of steel bar bending and steel cutting machinery in Qatar.

Triax is one of the leading brands of building machinery. Established in Italy in the early 1990s, Triax’s product range includes the steel bar bending and steel bar cutting machines. A combination of market intelligence and investments in research and development ensures Triax products meet the most stringent of standards and customer demands.

Types of Steel Bar Bending Machinery in Qatar

We, at Al Wajba Est. have a robust lineup of steel rebar and stirrup bending and cutting machinery at our disposal. However, there are different types of steel bar bending machinery and steel cutting machinery in Qatar. 

  • Manual/Handheld Machines

These steel bar bending machinery in Qatar are much smaller and more portable. You can use them to bend small portions of steel rebars. With our handheld steel bar bending machinery in Qatar, you can achieve a higher level of precision in your construction work.

  • Hydraulic Machines

These machines deploy older technology. However, they are highly reliable and are capable of bending several steel rebars at a time. Moreover, some of these hydraulic machines also have a higher horsepower rating.

  • Electric Machines

With the latest in electronic steel bar bending technology, we also offer electrical steel rebar and stirrup bending machinery. These equipment are also energy efficient to help your business save on operational costs.

  •  Steel Bending Machinery

We know the importance of steel stirrups and rebars in your construction business in Qatar. To fulfil all your steel bar, stirrup, and rebar bending needs, we offer a range of machinery.

  • Steel Stirrup Bending Machinery

Our steel stirrup bending machinery is capable of bending structures with diameters 6 to 16 millimetres. Moreover, these machines are lighter than the industry average and weigh only 180 kilograms. 

  • Steel Rebar Bending Machinery

At Al Wajba Est. you can find powerful Steel Cutting Machinery & steel rebar bending machinery that operates at 3 to even 5.5 horsepower. While the weight of these machines varies depending on their power, most of them can bend steel rebars of varying thicknesses (18 to 34 millimetres).

  • Handheld Rebar Bending Machine

Moreover, our handheld/manual rebar bending machines can help your workers make minute adjustments to the shape of an installed steel rebar. This means, you no longer need to disassemble the entire structure in case there are mistakes in laying measurements.

  • Steel Cutting Machinery

Steel Cutting Machinery Besides bending, you may also need to cut several tons of steel rebars to fit your building specifications. If that is the case, Al Wajba Est. also has durable and energy-efficient Italian-made steel-cutting machinery in Qatar.

Automatic Steel Bar Bending Machinery in Qatar

If you plan to save even more time and cost in terms of manual labour, then we can also provide you with automatic steel bar bending machinery in Qatar. These machines have an innovative servo system that automatically feeds and bends steel rebars.


Why Choose Al Wajba

When opting to purchase, or even rent steel bar bending machinery in Qatar, Al Wajba Est. can be your first choice. We offer you the best machinery in Qatar.

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