GENAQ Cumulus C5000 is an atmospheric water generator in a Emergency Response format, with a nominal generation capacity of 5192 liters/day.

Two options available: Standing alone generator or 20ft Container integrated solution.

Integrated solution includes generator, 2000-liter tank and diesel genset, all integrated in a 20ft adapted container. This allows easy transportation (including marine), independency of water or power and a quick deployment.

It has been optimized to maximize the water generation. It has a double double refrigeration circuit to ensure reliabilty and supply.

It can operate under extreme environmental conditions.

It avoid dependence of uncontrolled water sources, water storage and logistics. No waste generation.

Compatible with external tank, maintaining its water safe thanks to the integrated recirculation mode.




–  Nominal Generation at 30°C and 80% RH (environ 10%) : 5192 l/day

– Dimensions :

  • Only Generator (Height x Width x Depth) : 2175 x 2270 x 3670
  • Containerized (Height x Width x Depth) : 2600 x 2240 x 6060

– Weight :

  • Only Generator : 2200 kg
  • Containerized : 10000 kg

– Nominal Power : 38.6 kW