Deep Tine Aerator – Prevent soil compaction

  • Extremely durable, due to heavy duty sealed bearings on the crankshaft
  • Speed of the tines is easy to adjust (3 gears)
  • Hydraulic height adjustment for setting penetration depth (DTA210 and DTA260)
  • Easy tine change due to the unique mounting system
  • Pry angle acceleration up to 25 degrees.


Are you looking for a deep aerator for your somewhat older sports fields, to prevent soil compaction? Deep aeration stimulates root formation and thus strengthens your golf course or sports field, which greatly improves the quality and health of the topsoil. The Deep Tine Aerator is our newest lawn deep aerator and works extremely efficiently. The working depth is up to 40 centimeters, which results in unparalleled intensive aeration. With the GKB DTA you can easily keep your sports fields in top condition!