PTFX24/28, PTFX26/32, PTFX30/35,PTFX38/45 – Reinforcing Steel Machines

Machines to cut and bend concrete reinforcing steel bars.

Equipped with two stages gear reduction unit, which allows any type of bending without any mechanical effort. The disc of bending and combined machines rotates in both directions, coming back automatically to starting point. the machines are equipped with a microswitch which prevents the machine from working if the door is open according to safety rules. All the machines have double electric controls, for the complete freedom of the operator. Electric controls work with low voltage current according to the rules.

The interchangeable cutting blades are manufactured from hardened demagnetized steel; they have 8 cutting edges.

All the machines are equipped with an automatic graduated regulator to set precisely the bending angles.


Bar Bending and Cutting Machines, Rebar Bending and Shearing Machine, Rebar Bending and Cutting Machines,

Rebar Cutter Bender, Bar Cutter Bender.


  • Work : Cut + Bend
  • HP : From 3 to 5,5
  • Weight : From 280kg to 350kg


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