S3 Compact sweep and collect

  • Loading volume: 3 m3
  • 35 – 70 HP (26 – 51 kW)
  • Drive: PTO drive shaft
  • Suction hose optional
  • EU Type approval
  • Adjustable air outlet
  • Working width: 1.5 m




Compact and maneuverable vacuum sweepers with a loading capacity of 3 m3 that you can use to sweep and collect leaves and/or litter. The compact vacuum sweepers are ideally suited for use at smaller sites, for example at camping sites, city parks or events. A powerful fan ensures enormous suction power and is mounted in a housing fitted with a replaceable lining. The fan is driven by a PTO drive shaft attached to the tractor and requires an output of The required hp PTO can vary depending on the working conditions.35 – 70 HP (26 – 51 kW). Because the shaft in the suction hood is exchangeable, compact vacuum sweepers can be configured for several jobs. Optionally, the compact vacuum sweepers can be equipped with a wander hose to allow vacuuming materials from hard-to-reach places. You can get started right away wherever you want because the TRILO S3 now has a type approval for transport on public roads. The TRILO S3 has a new look and now looks even sleeker. The vented airflow can now be adjusted optimally using the adjustable end of the dust cap. You can now control the air flow direction at the back yourself.

• Sweeping and collecting in one pass.
• EU Type approval.
• Adjustable air outlet.

• Large tyres for low ground pressure.
• High working speed.
• Driven by PTO drive shaft.
• Optional wander hose of 6 m Ø 200 mm.
• Usable all year round for several jobs.
• Can be operated by one person.
• Several shafts available as options.
• 1.6 m high-tipping bin.