Fortador PRO

The Fortador PRO Hybrid Diesel PLUG IN type is the latest generation of steam jet washes, manufactured with utmost care in the Fortador European plant near Warsaw.

This exclusive model will meet even the most sophisticated expectations of its users thanks to the possibility it offers of washing cars at two work stations at the same time. This solution rests on an amazing time-saving potential, coupled with high efficiency and 100% satisfaction with the work done. It’s a product that enjoys extraordinary recognition of customers, and it does not generate water waste or chemical sewage. It does not require sewage installations or additional administrative notifications.

This model has been designed to be handled by two operators at the same time. In combination with the Fortador Power Bank V Series, it is a model that is 100% independent of the Plug In power source. You can offer your services in places where there is no electricity for up to 10 hours, and where the use of loud and exhaust gas power generators is unwelcome.



  • Fuel heating system
  • STOP emergency button
  • Chemical-free descaling system
  • Boiler made of boiler steel
  • 2 boilers
  • Aluminium housing
  • Anti-shock protection
  • Possibility of direct connection from the garden hose
  • Heating time: only 2-7 min.
  • Steam pressure: max 10/16/20 Bar
  • Steam operating temperature: 120-140ºC