GENAQ Stratus S50 est un générateur d’eau atmosphérique au format distributeur d’eau d’une capacité de production nominale de 52 litres/jour. = / = GENAQ Stratus S50 is an atmospheric water generator in a water dispenser format with a nominal generation capacity of 52 liters/day.

It supplies the highest quality water for offices, hotels, hospitals, homes, public buildings, etc.

It avoids water storage needs and plastic waste generation.

Plumbing installation is not required, only access to a power supply. Just plug and drink.

Several water purification options are available. Water cooling option is available.




  • Nominal Generation, at 30°C and 80% RH (environ 10%) : 52 l/day
  • Dimensions (height x width x depth) : 1505 x 400 x 530mm
  • Weight : 115kg
  • Nominal Power :7 kW